Acme Memories

Acme Memories

Call No.: 971.23 ACME ADHS
Page Count: 542
Publication Year: 1976
Location: Acme, Alberta
Names of communities: Acme
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Acme is a village in south-central Alberta. It’s history is heavily intertwined with railroads. Located approximately 80 kilometers northeast of Calgary, Acme holds the distinction of being the first village incorporated in Kneehill County.

The village’s name pays homage to its railway heritage. In 1909, when the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) extended its tracks to the region, Acme became the northernmost stop on the company’s network. The moniker “Acme,” of Greek origin meaning “the highest point,” was bestowed upon the community by CPR surveyors. On July 7, 1910, the inaugural train chugged into Acme, marking its official incorporation as a village.

Demographically, Acme has witnessed changes over the years. In the 2021 Census, the village housed 606 residents. The local economy thrives on agriculture, oil, and natural gas, while trucking plays a pivotal role in supporting the farming industry. Cultural facilities, including the Acme Municipal Library and the Acme Community Centre, foster community engagement and growth.

There are also numerous recreational facilities: a campground, curling rink, golf course, outdoor pool, skating rink, and more. Squash, racquetball, and wallyball courts within Acme School add to the vibrant spirit of this historic village.


Community: Acme
Province: Alberta

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