The Old Banff Cemetery, also known as the Banff Town Cemetery, is located at the south end of Grizzly Street in Banff within Banff National Park, Alberta. In 1890, baby Adelia Woodworth became one of the first Banff residents laid to rest here. J. E. Malloy, a stonemason, shaped many early monuments, including the Brett Mausoleum and the Rawlins Monument. The Brett Mausoleum, standing 12 feet high, boasts a locally sourced grey Rundlestone roof and polished marble interior. The Rawlins Monument features intricate carvings of mountain scenery, a tribute to Banff’s rugged landscape.

The cemetery also served the nearby Bankhead mining community. Mourners would trek nearly nine kilometers on foot, often preceded by the Bankhead Mine Band, to bury their dead. As of 2024, over 2,500 souls find their eternal rest here. Mary Schaffer Warren, a pioneering female mountaineer, once lived opposite the cemetery. Initially skeptical, she grew to appreciate it as a “place of rest and kindly neighbors.” A Crag and Canyon article declared it “the nicest cemetery in Canada.

The tombstones bear the names of Banff’s historic figures and community builders. Yet, mingled among them are those whose tales remain unknown. To celebrate this history, walking tours occasionally wind through the cemetery. The local Whyte Museum has produced an accompanying booklet, emphasizing that “when you share a cemetery, you are part of a community, and differences fade away.” Indeed, the Old Banff Cemetery reflects not only the people but also the soul of Banff itself — a place where nature and heritage intertwine.




604 Buffalo Street
City: Banff,
Province: Alberta

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Latitude, Longitude
51.17396, -115.56533

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