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Davisburg encompasses a rural area northwest of Okotoks. The community was originally known as Glenbeg, named after the Begg family who homesteaded in the ‘glen.’ It was later renamed Davisburg to honour Donald Watson Davis who was the first member of the Canadian House of Commons from Alberta, 1888-1896.

The Davisburg Church was built in 1889 atop the hill at SW20-21- 28-W4. The church is surrounded by the Davisburg cemetery in which many of the original settlers are buried. No services are conducted there now, however, the church continues to be a beloved landmark of the district.

The Davisburg post office was established in 1888 with Thomas H. Andrews as the first postmaster. It operated from residents’ homes until it closed in 1916. The first Davisburg School was built in 1888 and served residents until 1908 when a new school was built. It was used until 1953 at which time students were bused to Okotoks. The Davisburg School was sold to the community and it was transformed into a community hall which continues to be well-used for local functions.




274204 96 St E
City: De Winton,
Province: Alberta

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