Many Trails Crossed Here

Many Trails Crossed Here

A story of Oyen, Alberta and the surrounding districts

Call No.: 971.23 OYEN 1981
Page Count: 411
Publication Year: 1981
Location: Oyen, Alberta
Names of communities: Oyen
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Oyen, a charming town in east-central Alberta was originally known as Bishopburg. The town underwent a name change in 1912 to honor Andrew Oyen, an intrepid pioneer who sold his homestead for the townsite.

In the early 20th century, the region around what is now Oyen lay barren. The buffalo had vanished, and the Palliser report deemed the area unsuitable for grain cultivation. However, when the land was advertised as the “Last Best West”, and news of a railway reached eager ears, settlers flocked in. Andrew Oyen himself walked from Spokane, Washington, to stake his claim in the Oyen district. By 1911, other settlers had arrived, and the Canadian Northern Railway purchased land from Andrew for the town site.

On January 17th, 1913, Oyen officially incorporated as a village, proudly bearing the name of the Norwegian family whose descendants still call Alberta home. The Oyen & District Historical Society has chronicled this rich history in two volumes: Many Trails Crossed Here, Volume I (published in 1981) and Volume II (published in 2007). These books provide a captivating glimpse into the past, celebrating the pioneers who shaped Oyen’s vibrant community.


Community: Oyen
Province: Alberta

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