Beiseker's Golden Heritage

Beiseker's Golden Heritage


Call No.: 971.23 BEIS 1977
Page Count: 525
Publication Year: 1977
Location: Beiseker, Alberta
Names of communities: Beiseker
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The village of Beiseker’s history is rooted in agriculture and community. Located approximately 70 kilometers northeast of Calgary, Beiseker is considered an outermost part of the Calgary Region and is included within Calgary’s Census Metropolitan Area (CMA). The village lies amidst rural Rocky View County, with neighboring communities including Irricana and Acme.

Beiseker’s origins trace back to 1908 when it was founded by the Calgary Colonization Company. Their mission was to promote settlement by showcasing the grain-growing potential of the area. The village’s name pays homage to Thomas Lincoln Beiseker, one of the company’s partners and vice presidents. Initial colonization attracted ethnic German settlers from the Great Plains of the Dakotas, reflected in the prevalence of German family names. In 1910, the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway spurred growth, and Beiseker became a local service and trade center.

Today, Beiseker is home to a population of around 800 people. There is a community school that caters to students from kindergarten to grade 12. The village also houses Baptist, Catholic, and Anglican congregations. Beiseker’s great potential for grain growing is reflected in its status as the “World Wheat King Capital”. This title signifies Beiseker’s position as a top-producing area of wheat.


Community: Beiseker
Province: Alberta

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