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The Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood Cemetery was established in 1926 by the Doukhobors of the Lordly Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood colony near Arrowwood. After the colony was abandoned in 1945, the cemetery continued to be used by local Doukhobors and is still in active use today. It is privately owned and is well maintained.

The cemetery is two acres in size and is enclosed by a wire fence with a single iron gate. The cemetery contains 174 interments in a single section comprised of eight rows facing east-west. Over half the graves (111) have no marker, however, many of the mounds are still clearly visible. These remain unidentified. With respect to graves with markers, the markers are typically plain slate or marble upright headstones or flat markers set flush to the ground.





Rge Rd 225 south of Twp Rd 205
City: Arrowwood,
Province: Alberta

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Latitude, Longitude
50.72808, -113.02936

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