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This Lutheran cemetery is located on a hillside on the former Herth property. It has not been kept up and is reverting back to a natural state. This cemetery is located north-east of Medicine Hat, Alberta, on the Clearwater Road or Township Road 130, 11 miles east of Highway #41 and on Range Road 25. It is situated on a grassy hill in a pasture on the T. Koenig property. The prairie trail that leads to this site is accessible by car. As at September 04, 1996, most of the fence is down. This site has not been visited in years, there are signs of wooden fences that outlined three graves. The wood has almost totally turned to dust. As at June 18, 1997, records indicate at least nine burials at this location.

Courtesy of Medicine Hat and District Genealogical Society (MHDGS)




Twp Rd 130 & Rge Rd 25
City: Clearwater Lakes,
Province: Alberta

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Latitude, Longitude
50.04724, -110.24317

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