The Bergthal Cemetery, also known as New Bergthal Mennonite Cemetery is located a 5 minute drive south of the Bergthal Mennonite Church. The church, located in Didsbury, Alberta began from settlers who moved here from Manitoba in 1901 and settled within sight of the Rocky Mountains. The congregation was founded in 1903 and built their first meeting house that year. The congregation joined the Conference of Mennonites in Middle Canada in 1910. Up until that time the congregation included a number of Sommerfeld Mennonite families, but many of them left after the congregation joined the conference. During its first years the congregation did not have a resident minister, but the church was served frequently by Gerhard Buhler, Frank Sawatzky, David Toews and C. F. Sawatzky. After 1929 the congregation had its own pastor.

In 1918-1919 the meeting house was moved west along with the cemetery. In 1923 and following, many new Mennonite immigrants from Russia joined the congregation, resulting in the construction of a basement in 1929 and an expansion of the meeting house in 1934.

In 1937 Menno Bible Institute was begun by the congregation. This Bible institute was taken over by the conference in 1946. The buildings were sold to the conference and a new meeting house for the congregation was completed in 1948. This building was enlarged in 1965-1966. The language of worship is English; the transition from German occurred in the 1960s.





31-30539 Rge Rd 285
City: NE of Carstairs,
Province: Alberta

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Latitude, Longitude
51.61291, -113.90962

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