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Pine Creek Cemetery is near De Winton on the southern fringe of the city in the Calgary neighborhood of Legacy. Actually, “southern fringe” is becoming less true every day. There are new developments being built to the north and the east of the cemetery and the south and west sides are surrounded by a RV storage facility. Urban sprawl is rapidly encroaching on this hidden gem. Very near the cemetery, where the intersection of Macleod Trail and 210th Avenue is today was a key crossing and stopping point for the bull trains coming to Calgary from Fort Benton, Montana. At one point there was a small settlement complete with general store and rooming house.

While the cemetery was established in 1889, the settlement of De Winton was not started until 1892. A few other interesting facts: De Winton was established to be a railroad siding so trains could be broken down into smaller units so they could make it over the Pine Creek hills to the west and north. Despite some of the highway signs to the contrary, the proper spelling is De Winton, not DeWinton or Dewinton. All of the land surrounding the cemetery now belongs to the City of Calgary but the cemetery land belongs to the M.D. of Foothills because the City didn’t want responsibility for it. All of the maintenance of the cemetery is done by students from Red Deer Lake School. They typically will mow the lawn three times per year.





220 Legacy Village Link SE
City: Calgary,
Province: Alberta

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Latitude: 50.86299
Longitude: -114.025486

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The 25 most common surnames found in this cemetery.


The 25 most common given names found in this cemetery.


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