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In 1916 with assistance from Pastor Borne plans were made by a group of local residents to build a church. Fred Anhorn, Adam Flaig, Gust Fandrich, Christ Walker, Fred Vossler and Mrs. Schneider each took a wagon load of grain to Estuary, Saskatchewan, and returned with a load of lumber. The building was constructed under the capable direction of Reverend F .E. Martin who dedicated the building in 1917.
The first marriage performed in the new building was between Gust Fandrich and the same Mrs. Schneider who helped haul lumber in 1916.
The congregation decided to move the church into Hilda, Alberta, in the 1930’s. Mr. Jack Ginther from Mendham, Saskatchewan, moved the structure by using a combination of horses and tractors.
Pastors who served here included: F.E. Martin, Samuel Senft, Henry Senft, Henry Riegel, E. Streitz, E.W. Riegel, Dave Unrau, E.M. Brust, Henry Leischoer, L.E. Sackman, E. Kowalsky, Herald Adams, D. Schindell, Vern Schorr, George Brandt, A.W. Riegel and Dave Pahl. The church building no longer exists as at September 03, 1996.
The cemetery is located two miles north of Hilda, Alberta, at the junction of Township Road 182 and Range Road 11. The one acre plot is surrounded by a good fence and a good percentage of the graves have markers.

Information courtesy of Medicine Hat and District Genealogical Society (MHDGS)




Twp Rd 182 & Rge Rd 11
City: Hilda,
Province: Alberta

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Latitude, Longitude
50.51351, -110.02615

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